How it Works


How Does Pay Weekly Furniture Work?

Choose Items

Pay Deposit

Complete Application

Delivery!(Once You Reach 20%)


Pay Smart, Pay Weekly

              • Simply visit our website and view our range of products, from pay weekly beds and sofas, to dining tables and TV units.
              • Select the product you like and add it to your basket.
              • You only need to pay your deposit today and this amount depends on the products you selected.
              • We offer £800 Pay Weekly Credit. If you go over this amount you may be requested to pay a larger deposit or make more weekly payments before the product can be delivered. 
              • The product will also show you the pay weekly amount you need to pay weekly to own it.
              • Our prices are interest free and we do not carry out any credit checks on you.
              • However you do need to have enough disposable income to make your weekly payments and show us this.
              • Complete your Pay Weekly Furniture purchase and you are one step closer to getting your product delivered.
              • Following your purchase one of our team will give you a call to arrange your direct debit weekly payments and confirm all the details of your order. They will also request some documents, including:
                • Proof of Identification (Passport/Driving License etc)
                • National Insurance Number
                • Proof of Income (bank statement/pay slips/benefits letter etc)
              • Once you have paid 20% of your order value we will ship your product directly to your home. On average we deliver your product to your home within 2-4 weeks. 
              • Once you have made 10 weekly payments on time you can then look at adding an additional pay weekly product.